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    Class: 8 SubClass: PackGroup: III UN: 1719 HazChem: 2R EPG: 37 OHSHazard: Y


    ARMADILLO L is a proprietary blend of nano silica (Si) polymers which penetrate concrete surfaces providing an increase in abrasion resistance and a reduction in the surface absorption of liquids. 

    The nano Lithium silicate and siliconate compounds present in ARMADILLO L each play a unique role in densifying and sealing concrete. 

    The nano Lithium Silicate in ARMADILLO L penetrates deep within the matrix and chemically reacts with itself and calcium hydroxide (also known as portlandite) in the surface to produce calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) – the primary strength-providing portion of concrete paste.  

    Portlandite is a soft, porous mineral that is subject to carbonation and chemical attack, so replacing it with the much stronger CSH is a major benefit of ARMADILLO L. 

    The siliconate in ARMADILLO L also reacts with the concrete to form a hydrophobic polymer within the pores and on the concrete surface. 

    The ultimate result is a concrete floor that is exceptionally dense and liquid-repellent, which equals long-lasting protection and durability.

    ARMADILLO L is water based. It generally dries tack free in 2 to 4 hours at 21C @ 50% RH.


    Interior or exterior

    Warehouse floors

    Commercial floors

    Manufacturing plants

    Residential garages and basements

    Distribution centers   


    Reduces porosity and increases hardness of the concrete surface

    Combines with the concrete becoming part of the matrix and lasts the lifetime of the substrate.

    VOC Compliance with GREEN STAR- OFFICE DESIGN V3 IEQ-13

    Resists penetration of oil and many chemicals

    Reduces the ingress of carbon dioxide and resulting carbonation (degradation of the substrate)

    Minimizes tyre marks and enables them to be more easily removed

    Equipment can be cleaned with water

    Can be applied to fresh, new, or existing concrete

    Low sheen enhances the appearance of concrete surface

    Will not blush 


    Compatible with bond breakers for tilt-up projects.

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