Chemical House has been a fixture in the Australian construction chemical industry for over 40 years.

Concrete Curing

Hydrocarbon Resin 
Water Based Acrylic
Waxed Based
Chlorinated Rubber
Bitumen Resin
Aliphatic Alcohol

Surface Hardeners & Densifiers

Sodium Silicate
Dust proof
Potassium Silicate
Formulated Blend LK
Nano Lithium
Colloidal Premium
Polished Concrete Grout 
Penetrating Sealers


Penetrating & Topical

Solvent & Water Based
Same day
Hard Seal
High Build
Natural Look
Wet Look Enhance
Stain Resistant
Oil & Water Repel
Tyre Marking
Glass & Porcelain


Acid & Clean Up  

Hydrochloric Acid
Phosphoric Acid
Thick Strip
Strip Seal & Strip Chief
Green Assassin
Brick & Tile Cleaner
Concreters Mate Stuff Off
Concrete Assassin


Brickies Mate Plasticiser
Cement Fortifier SBR
Cement Fortifier PVA
SWR Mortar Additive
XPO Concrete Retarder


Release Agents

Bond Breaker - Tilt Panel
Green Mould Release - Precast
Form Release - Form Work

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Packed and Ready for Delivery

Manufacturing for various industry sectors we understand the importance of stock availability along with delivery in full on time, from our house to yours.

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