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ALUMINIUM SCUM CLEANER is mixture of natural acids, and selected surfactants designed to remove the black weld marks on freshly welded aluminium without severe etching or the use of fluorides. 
It is ideal for clean-up in the manufacturing or fabrication of aluminium boats, fencing, pontoons, trailer bodies etc.

It can be used NEAT or diluted depending on severity of the dark markings. 
When used diluted, use 1 part ALUMINIUM SCUM CLEANER to 1 to 4 parts of water. 
Always determine the minimum concentration required to be effective, by prior testing. 
It is recommended that application be with brush or rag, allowed to work, and then rinse off with clean water. Do not allow product to dry on the surface.

• Replaces acid fluoride cleaners
• Non Toxic 
• Non Dangerous (ADG Code 7thEd)
• Not Corrosive to most metals
• Low VOC
• Economical, ease of application reduces labour cost 
• Assists in adhesion of decorative coatings