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ARMADILLO COLLOIDAL is a water based,100% colloidal silica dispersion for the densifier of concrete. 
Of all the densifier types, the colloidal silicas have the smallest molecule size, allowing the best possible penetration of tight (low porosity) concrete surfaces such as polished concrete. 
With a particle size of 12 microns, it provides a superior densifier result, providing a stronger, higher concrete surface.
The densifier concrete surface provides substantial reduced water penetration, also preventing rubber marking from vehicle tyres.
100% Colloidal Silica Dispersion Provides High Possible Penetration and Densification Result
It can used on new and old concrete slabs to densify the concrete surface and reinforce the concrete slab. 
It can be used at time of pour but generally is applied after the removal of the curing compound or at the commencement of the concrete polishing process.

  • Water Based
  • Zero VOC
  • Complies with GREEN STAR- OFFICE DESIGN V3 IEQ-13
  • Improved concrete curing
  • Improved waterproofing and stain resistance
  • Eliminates dusting of concrete surfaces
  • Increase abrasion resistance to the concrete surface
  • Over trade compatible