Class: 3 SubClass: -- PackGroup: III UN: 1993 HazChem: 3[Y] EPG: 3A1 OHSHazard: Y

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MASONRY OIL & WATER REPELLENT is an alkali stable fluoro modified silicone impregnating agent in a hydrocarbon solvent.
MASONRY OIL & WATER REPELLENT finds use as a treatment for building facades of natural and synthetic stone to assist the easier removal of graffiti and posters.
MASONRY OIL & WATER REPELLENT also finds use as a sealer for unglazed ceramic tiles as a quick, easy treatment.
Due to the products unique oleophobic properties it also finds use as a oil repellent for natural stone table tops, clay paver driveways, bar-b-que areas , unglazed ceramic tile kitchen benches and floors.
MASONRY OIL & WATER REPELLENT also finds use as an anti-graffiti treatment, which, upon graffiti removal should be reapplied, over the affected area.