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OPTICLEAR ANTI-GRAFFITI is a high solids single-pack water based polyurethane dispersion for application to concrete, other cementitious and siliceous surfaces.
OPTICLEAR contains selected ingredients which contribute to durability, flexibility, adhesion, and mar resistance resulting in an outstanding coating with performance approaching that of a  conventional 2-pack solvent polyurethane, without the exposing the applicator to strong solvents.
OPTICLEAR is designed for use on  new or as new  decorative concrete, ceramic tiles (glazed and unglazed when prepared correctly), terracotta, sandstone, terrazzo which experience commercial type  wear & tear. 
UNLIKE other products in this range, OPTICLEAR will not yellow in time and consequently can be used on light coloured substrates.
OPTICLEAR is not suitable for marble and those terracotta tiles pre-sealed or previously sealed with a penetrating sealer.
OPTICLEAR is useful in the fabrication of decorative items, which can be coloured and are required to be transparent i.e. artificial stained glass, decorative mirrors etc.

  • Water based product - environmentally responsible & easy clean-up
  • Non yellowing formula
  • Easy to use, with adequate wet edge
  • Levels well and has good bubble release
  • Excellent adhesion to both glazed and unglazed surfaces
  • Chemically bonds to siliceous substrates
  • Tough, durable finish
  • Low odour - no petroleum solvents
  • Demonstrates medium to high chemical and water resistance.