Class: 3 SubClass: PackGroup: II UN: 1993 HazChem: 2S EPG: 3A1 OHSHazard: Y

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PORCELAIN & GLASS SEALER is a natural finish based on a fluro-resin impregnating agent modified with an adhesion promoter in a low flashpoint solvent.
PORCELAIN & GLASS SEALER finds uses as a finish for porcelain and other unglazed ceramics used in floors and walls.
PORCELAIN & GLASS SEALER can also be used to sealing natural and synthetic stone to assist the easier removal of graffiti and posters.
Due to the product’s unique oleophobic (oil hating) properties PORCELAIN & GLASS SEALER also finds use as an oil repellant for natural stone tabletops, unglazed porcelain tile kitchen benches and floors.

  • Reduction of water adsorption
  • Reduction of oil adsorption
  • Reduction of water borne dirt pick-up
  • Reduction of frost damage
  • Reduction of mildew, moss, and lichen growth in external applications
  • Restored thermal properties
  • Does not impart the "wet look" to treated surfaces or contribute to surface gloss ( when correctly applied)
  • Grout sealing